QTIBPOC Community Cake and Cuppa

Join the QTIBPoC community hangout Sunday 28 April 2024!

This gathering is an opportunity to hang out and cultivate a sense of togetherness for Bla(c)k and PoC LGBTQIA+ folks and families. There are no expectations, we will put the kettle on for morning tea, bring a plate to share if you can and show up as your beautiful selves!

This event is intended for LGBTIQA+ Indigenous Peoples and/or People of Colour, and families of colour. If you are from these communities please come along.

* QTIBPoC stands for Queer and Trans Indigenous, Black Peoples and/or People of Colour. ***being a Person of Colour (PoC) means that your family has an incredible and unique cultural heritage. Another way to think about it is that both of your biological parents are not white – like having an African, Latinx, Solomon Islander, Asian, Persian, Tongan and or Pacific Islander, Māori, Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or multiracial cultural background. (Adapted from Minus18)

Ages: All ages – family friendly



Sunday 28th April
10.30am – 12.00pm
Wesley Hill Hall
149 Pyrenees Hwy, Castlemaine

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